What is sLocal?

sLocal is an app that supports local education, serves local businesses and generates a tremendous savings for the consumer.

We created sLocal to make tremendous impact on education and build our local community"

- J.P Kelly (CMO)

If I get the sLocal app, I can save money and support education at the same time? Yes!

How it Works


Purchase a Subscription and receive a code via email

Step 2

Download the app, choose your school, and enter your subscription code

Step 3

Use all the amazing savings!


sLocal is saving people money, and they're telling us about it! Check out some of the feedback we've received!

"Thanks to the sLocal app and Walk Ons for a great lunch and saving me $6.99 #freefriedpickles #delicious! #lunchaftertennis"

by Brenda C, Baton Rouge, LA

"I'm excited to share that I've used the sLocal App twice this week! My family enjoyed $3 off Schlitz and Giggles pizza and Maxwell's market steak meal deal for our Sunday dinner! Next stop is Benny's car wash"

by Alicia H, Baton Rouge, LA